InfraRed controller

Anyone have any luck or pointers with using an imp with an InfraRed controller? I’d like to design a project for remotely controlling a split ductless air conditioner. It seems the only method to turn on and off the air conditioner is by sending IR commands.

I think your first step is to determine what the IR code is. You can’t duplicate the IR code without knowing it. Secondly, you have a unit with an IR controller, but on the circuit board itself, there may be places to “tap into” the various relays and controls.

Google things about your unit, like IR codes, and the possibility of getting a universal remote (something you might be able to hack into and use with the imp). Find out if anyone else might have used an Arduino in the past.

Give us the manufacturer and model number of your unit … maybe someone here can find some info? Also, just by pure luck, there might be a schematic pasted inside the enclosure.

See the Sana reference design & code, too.

have a look at the pebble wifi controller at, also see on electric imp web site under customers

Sana reference design is here, BTW