Industry Research position in IoT Using electric imp


We use the electric imp platform in our research on saving water in irrigation systems to combat climate change and food shortages and currently have a position we are trying to fill for a software/electronic/automation Engineer working on using the electric imp with farmers in commercial irrigation systems and integrating the IoT electric imp field sensed data with the google cloud platform and Earth Engine.

The position is with Deakin University in Griffith, NSW, Australia and is open to international applicants. So if your looking for a great opportunity to put your electric imp skills to use please check us out.

Please contact me if you have further questions.

John Hornbuckle
Associate Professor (Research)
Centre Regional and Rural Futures, Faculty of Sci. Eng. & Built Environment
Deakin University

Tel. +61 2 696 96903
Mob. 0429862920
Twitter. @CeRRF_Griffith