Incorrect DHT22 Sensor Readings

Hi all,

Yesterday I setup two electric imps along with two DHT22 temperature sensors to create some basic sensor nodes to replace an existing system.
I followed the example in the GitHub repo and everything worked perfectly, unfortunately the readings are out by a couple of degrees.

Has anyone else used one of these sensors with an imp or does anyone know why the reading might be incorrect?
I think the hardware is fine so I am thinking it might be a software issue.


After going over the code I have no idea how it could be going wrong so I will be going back to the hardware!

This may sound like a silly question - but are you 100% positive it’s a DHT22 and not a DHT11? I’m pretty sure the class will work with both, but return slightly strange / off data if it’s a DHT11…

Looks like the Arduino library (which you mentioned on GitHub you were using previously) handles both DHT11s and 22s…