impWorks and impCentral

Dear Developers,

As announced yesterday, impCentral(™) is now the default UI and IDE at which redirects to (see forum post).

Underneath, impCentral UI is built on the new impCentral API, which supports the new features exposed by the impCentral UI.

impWorks(™), which includes the Sublime Text plug-in, impTest, and the Builder preprocessor is based on the predecessor to the impCentral API (V4 build API) and the legacy IDE ( impWorks is currently being updated to support the new impCentral API and features. We will provide an update on that shortly.

In the meantime, if you have built a workflow around the impWorks tools we suggest you stay with the legacy IDE and V4 build API for a bit longer until the updated version of impWorks is available.

If you have any questions on the transition of impWorks to impCentral, feel free to post these on the forum.

— Terrence