impTest – Squirrel Testing for Electric Imp

As Electric Imp platform grows, grows the complexity and size of the code written for it.

Hence, meet impTest – a test runner for Electric Imp:

It enables test automation, TDD, and CI flows in Squirrel development.

Some of the feature highlights:

  • Synchronous and Asynchronous testing scenarios
  • Support for CI integration
  • Secure and flexible configuration
  • Support for multi-device configurations
  • Handling and reporting of exceptional states
  • Ability to integrate with Functional/E2E testing flows
  • and more :slight_smile:

Links to start with:

Few projects with impTest coverage:


npm i -g imptest
cd <your-squirrel-project-dir>
imptest init
imptest test

Your feedback and input are very welcome, highly appreciated and carefully considered!