impOS36.12 vs iOS11 Personal Hotspot

Once upgraded from release-36.10 to release-36.12, my imp004m cannot connect via wi-fi to my iPhone7 - iOS11.2.1. It was no problem with 36.10 and earlier version. It only happens when tethering with iPhone. No issue with normal Wi-Fi router (WPA/WPA2).

I checked with two devices, one with impCentral, the other with legacy IDE. Both became the same situation - connecting to server (amber-red), and lost connection immediately (red).

Device: 40000c2a691134a1
2017-12-18 18:21:26 -08:00 [Exit Code] imp restarted, reason: blink successful

Device: 40000c2a69113483
2017-12-18 19:47:21 -08:00 [Status] firmware update triggered

Does anybody reproduce this bug?

Thanks for reporting this!

So far, we’ve not succeeded in our initial attempts to reproduce this. Our imp004m, just upgraded from 36.10 to 36.12, connected to an iPhone 6 running the same iOS without problems, so we don’t think there’s a major regression here - but we’ll look further.

It would be good to hear from anyone else who experiences a similar issue with this release.

A new impOS version 36.13 has been released to developer imps which resolves a connectivity issue reported on impOS 36.12 with certain 802.11n access points.

The iPhone hot spot issue is apparently resolved in impOS 36.13 (thanks hkikuchi!).

I´m having this problem witn one of my imps.
However i have other imps without problems in the same wifi network…

Is the imp you are seeing this problem on running 36.13? If so, please provide more details (MAC address for connecting / non-connecting imps, iPhone type, iOS version)