ImpOS update stuck

This morning I found my IMP with a continuous red light. This is what I found in the server log
2015-04-21 08:17:35 UTC-7 [Status] firmware update triggered

Reinserting the battery helped. Hope that the imps in field test are not stuck.

During the maintenance this morning there was a short (~4 min) period where developer imps were bouncing between servers; when they do this very quickly, we force the imp to check its firmware. This should be innocuous, unless the imp has a hardware issue or can’t reach the upgrade server.

If you got solid red, that generally implies that there’s an issue with the SPI flash on that imp, as it can’t boot the backup wifi firmware. We’ve seen this on a few imp001’s - it seems like the physical stress on the cards can cause open circuits.

If, when release 32 comes out your imp refuses to upgrade and does this, we can replace it.

Its an IMP002

Hmm, not seen on an imp002 before now, but could be exactly the same issue (it’s essentially the same layout, and same SPI flash part).