impOS release 36 date?

Judging by previous releases, it seems like impOS release 36 will be out sometime this summer. Our project uses the PWM, which isn’t available in the current release, but apparently targeted for 36.

Is there any indication of whether our expectations about release 36 are realistic?

We’re currently expecting general release of release-36 in the second quarter of this year. And the other good news is that PWM on imp005 is already working in the labs, and will be in release-36 when it ships. (The slightly less good news is that imp005 supports a rather narrower range of PWM frequencies than other imps – it won’t do the low frequencies. I’ll try and dig up the exact supported frequency range tomorrow.)


The imp005 PWM pins will go from a frequency of about 570Hz up to a theoretical 18.7MHz (but you’d have signal integrity issues running them that fast). That corresponds to a period of between 1.75ms and 53ns. Other imps’ PWMs can go much slower than that, down to 1/60Hz (period of 1min).


That’ll be fine for us; we’re looking for frequencies from 800Hz to 3kHz.

Thanks for the update.

impOS 36 is now available for beta testing - see this post