impOS 46 Beta Release

We’re very pleased to announce that impOS™ 46, the latest version of the Electric Imp device operating system, has now entered its public beta test phase.

New Features

impOS 46 targets the imp006 module only. It adds generic Quectel modem support, allowing customers a wider choice of which cellular module to incorporate into their IoT products. Cellular can be used for the imp006’s Internet connection and, optionally, Global Navigation by Satellite Services (GNSS) functionality where the module itself supports it.

impOS 44, the current imp006 impOS release, supports only the Quectel BG96. Quectel produces a very wide range of modules, but not all of these have been tested — or can be tested — with impOS 46. We have fully tested this release with these modems:

Additionally, basic functionality checks have also been made with these modems:

If you developing imp006-based hardware with these latter modules, or other Quectel modules not listed here, please let us know what if any issues you encounter.

You can read the impOS 46 release notes in the Dev Center.


We will be releasing impOS 46 to all imp006 developer devices shortly. Development imp006s on 44.x and 45.x will receive the update, as will production imp006s on 45.x. Devices will upgrade in the usual way: they will receive the update when they subsequently power cycle, reconnect or receive new Squirrel code.

We strongly recommend that all imp006 customers test impOS 46 on development hardware right away. We will subsequently offer an opt-in phase for production devices before switching all remaining production imp006s to impOS 46 later this year.

If you would like Electric Imp to update one or more of your development and production imp006s to the impOS 46 beta release, please contact Electric Imp Customer Support.

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