ImpOS 44 update

Documentation suggests that ImpOS updates are automatically triggered whenever the device reconnects to the server (Polite impOS Deployment | Dev Center) .

I am wondering why my imp006 module, which has OS 42.6, has not triggered an update to 44. I am using the example code for the BG96_GPS.device.lib.nut:1.0.0 library and I receive the error message:

ERROR: BG96_GPS 0.2.x requires impOS 43 or above

I believe we’ve replied to your emails on this subject - 44.x is available on request right now, but will be rolling out to all devices in the future.

Thanks Hugo. It must have been someone else who emailed you. How do I request 44.x?

Send me a DM with your device ID (begins 600a0c2a69…) and I’ll get you upgraded.

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