impOS™ 42: Opt-in Production Release

Electric Imp is ready to make impOS 42 — the latest version of the imp operating system and the first production release for imp006 — available to production devices. Upgrades will initially be voluntary, but we currently expect to make impOS 42 a mandatory upgrade for all remaining production devices in just under 60 days’ time.

If you would like to switch any of your production devices to impOS 42 before then, please contact us through the Electric Imp support system and supply the name of at least one Production Device Group. When you subsequently move production devices to this group, they will receive the update when they next power cycle, reconnect or receive new Squirrel code. If a device’s application code does not support polite impOS deployment, the update will be installed at this point. Otherwise it will be updated when the application indicates its readiness. For more information on polite impOS deployment, please visit the Electric Imp Dev Center.

impOS 42 brings some powerful new features to the imp platform:

  • Full support for the imp006 module:
    • Full cellular support.
    • Full BLE support.
    • Full peripheral support.
    • Full digital microphone input and DAC output support.
    • imp006-specific rescue pin support.
  • Manage multiple network interfaces from your application.
    • Developed for imps that support more than one network interface: for example, the imp006 has customizable interface options (initially WiFi and cellular).
    • Control which interfaces are used and when: eg. WiFi for primary impCloud™ access and cellular for emergency connections, or cellular for impCloud access and WiFi for local networking.
    • Please see imp Network Interface Management for a more detailed view of this functionality.
  • Communicate with other devices on the same local network.
  • Take advantage of massively expanded application code storage.
    • On imp006, the VM bytecode space has increased from 256KB to 512KB, double the size available on previous releases.
    • On imp005, the VM bytecode space has increased from 256KB to 768KB, three times the size available on previous releases.

For full details of impOS 42’s enhancements and updates, please see the Release Notes.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this notification, please don’t hesitate to contact us here or via your support account.

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