impOS 42 Developer Release

Electric Imp will shortly make impOS™ 42 — the new version of the imp operating system — available to developer imps. On November 30, 2020, we will roll the new release out to 25 per cent of development devices. In due course, we will set all remaining development devices to update.

Development devices set to receive impOS 42 will not update until they are restarted, power-cycled or receive new Squirrel. If a device’s application code does not support polite impOS deployment, the update will be installed at this point. Otherwise it will be updated when the application indicates its readiness.

For more information on polite impOS deployment, please visit the Electric Imp Dev Center.

impOS 42 brings some powerful new features to the imp platform:

  • Manage multiple network interfaces from your application.
    • Developed for imps that support more than one network interface: for example, the imp006 has customizable interface options (initially WiFi and cellular).
    • Control which interfaces are used and when: eg. WiFi for primary impCloud™ access and cellular for emergency connections, or cellular for impCloud access and WiFi for local networking.
    • Please see imp Network Interface Management for a more detailed view of this functionality.
  • Communicate with other devices on the same local network.
  • Take advantage of massively expanded application code storage.
    • On imp006 and impC001, VM bytecode space has increased from 256KB to 512KB on these imps, double the size available on previous releases.
    • On imp005, VM bytecode space has increased from 256KB to 768KB — three times the size available on previous releases. Note that the more space you use for code, the less RAM workspace you have available — check your app accordingly.

For full details of impOS 42’s enhancements and updates, please see the Release Notes.

All customers should test their applications with impOS 42 on development hardware. Following the completion of the developer imp release, we will begin an opt-in phase for production devices before switching all remaining production devices to impOS 42 in Q1 2021.

If you would like to update your development devices to impOS 42 immediately, please contact us here in the forum and supply the devices’ IDs, or the name of the Device Group(s) to which they have been assigned. Customers who would prefer to supply this information confidentially can do so through the Electric Imp support system. Please provide any feedback you have, including bug reports and questions, by the same channel or here on the Electric Imp Forum.

The Electric Imp Team

We have just started to roll impOS 42.2 to 25% of developer imps. Let us know if you see any issues!

Hello, I would like to get impOS 42.x installed on one of my imp005 devices. What is the process?

Is it safe to spell out the device ID here?

The device ID isn’t secret, but we just pushed 42.3 to all developer devices as part of the rollout, so you should have it now anyway :slight_smile:

I have it now. Many thanks.

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