impOS 36 now available for testing

Electric Imp has now made impOS™ 36 available to forum members who would like to test the new release on their development devices before its general release.

Release 36 introduces to impOS support for the low-cost imp004m module, the successor to the popular imp002. The imp004m — coming soon to the Electric Imp Store as a breakout board — incorporates full GPIO and peripheral bus support, an integrated WiFi antenna, and full code compatibility with existing imp applications.

impOS 36 also introduces:

• New Device-side Cryptography Functionality
  - Make use of SHA functions for greater application data security.
• New Device-level Data Persistence Functionality
  - Preserve up to 4KB of your own data in an imp’s secure Flash storage across device restarts and power cycles, application firmware changes, and across factory and end-user environments.
• New Device Fast Start Support
  - Configure your imp-enabled product to offer ‘Instant On’ behavior at power on.
• Enhanced Device WiFi Management
  - Run WiFi scans in the background.
  - Smooth Squirrel execution through all phases of the connection process.
  - Handle WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) network configuration from Squirrel.
• Improved Support for the imp005 Module
  - impOS is now ready to support your Ethernet-only or WiFi-only imp005 designs.
  - Better peripheral-to-imp signalling with new support for Interrupt In USB endpoints.
80% Reduction in imp003 Module Shallow Sleep Power Consumption
  - Down to ~1mA from ~5mA, with WiFi off.
• Other Software Improvements
  - Identify the host imp type in your application code.
  - Improved agent-device messaging error reporting.
  - Many bug fixes and code improvements.
  - Eight new imp API methods; four updated methods.

For full details of impOS 36’s new capabilities, enhancements and changes, please see the Release Notes on the Dev Center.

This initial test release will be followed by a full roll out to all developer devices in the coming weeks. Shortly afterward, we will begin deploying impOS 36 to production devices in stages, finally extending the roll-out to cover all remaining production devices by July 28, 2017*.

If you would like us to update one or more of your development devices to impOS 36, please provide the MAC addresses of your chosen devices. Please post them below or, if you prefer, send them by direct message to Electric Imp’s harryreiss.

Please post any feedback you have, including bug reports and other issues, to this forum.

Thanks for your support, and we look forward to hearing what you think about the new release.

* Target date, subject to change