Import schlib/pcblib into diptrace

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to import the IMP002 Altium libraries to compatible Diptrace file format. The libraries are given here:

In particular I am interested in the pcb library (*.pcblib). I can export the given pcblib file into several formats from Altium but none of them are compartible with Diptrace.

My understanding is that if I could go down one hierarchy level in this pcblib file I would be able to see and save/export the pcb schematic (which should be exportable to Diptrace).

How can I dig one hierarchy down into the symbol library to obtain the actual pcb schematic? I am not familiar with Altium so the answer may not be immediately obvious to me.

Please let me know if you have any ideas or if I need to clarify myself.


Including missing URL. The libraries are located here: