ImpFactory Label Printers

Last time we ordered an ImpFactory you recommended the Brother QL720NW label printer and there is a handy class ( for communicating with it. We just got another ImpFactory however I’m having a lot of trouble tracking down a QL720NW to buy in the UK since it’s been discontinued. Is there another model of printer you are recommending now for use with the ImpFactory box?


The QL-1050 is the only one I see that still has a serial interface on it… I believe the command set is identical (and it’ll also do wider labels)

Just wondering if Hugo’s suggestion worked? Looking to get a new label printer so would be good to be able to use the class.

The QL-1050 does work yes, we had one in the office back then. However, newer factory boxes have more USB ports and it’s not terribly hard to use a USB printer at this point.