Impee prototype registration

Is impee prototype registration alliable yet?
I see in the documentation that a simpler registering procedure is coming.

I would like to start playing with pushing software out to impees in the field. But I am not sure how to get the impee registered so that the software will travel with it. Will I have to dedicate one of my imps as a factory to do this?

Hi Zando

Yes, you’ll need a factory imp to do this. We’re still in the process of developing our new API which allows for this but haven’t released this to the wider audience yet. We’re hoping to release new API to users in the coming months but still TBD about details of registration roll-out.

Nong, Thanks for the information update. That explains why I can’t find any documentation about it. For now I will just log into the account for my prototype in the field, and update it from there.