Impee not showing up in planner


You could have solved this yourself too, by following the instructions above…


you have to understand. I could not find them anywhere… or I would have. What have learned is “DON’T DELETE your IMP’s” from your plan less you might misplace them if you messed up.

I do thank you for the help though.


Same problem here. Imp seems to be connected to cloud (flashes green, very slow, stops after 60 secs, as in Had it working before. Does not show up in Planner. Also nothing shows up in Impees tab, except for this: “2335a8b236a7c9ee”. Any ideas?


The impees tab is showing you the ID of your device. What does your code tab show?


I’m having this same problem, I’ve been working with a new sensor today and all of the sudden it’s like my impee is stuck in some kind of invalid state. I’ve been working with it all day and then I saved some code and it appeared the push out to the impee failed. After resetting the power on the Sparkfun breakout board and ejecting the imp from the socket, I closed all of my browser windows and logged back in, and I have no active devices in the Code window, nor any New Devices.

When I power on the breakout board via USB, I get what appears to be a successful startup sequence and the LED begins to blink green slowly as expected. After about 6 green blinks I get a red blink immediately followed by a green blink, and the slow green blinking resumes. This cycle continues until the minute interval is up and then the LED blinks cease as normal.

No idea what to do to get the device back into the IDE.


The green/red/green/red indicates generally one of two things - a runtime error on the imp or a bad plan ID when it identifies. If it was working previously, it shouldn’t require a blinkup again but it may be worth logging out of the blinkup app, logging in again and retrying the blinkup.

If you have a mac address I can look a bit further to try and work out what’s happened to your imp.


Thanks so much for your prompt response, looks like it’s a runtime error. Logging out and back into the blinkup app seems to have fixed the issue. Thanks again!

Incidentally, mac address is 0c:2a:69:00:16:91 if it helps at all.