Impee Lost

My impee is blinked up and flashes green but no longer is showing in my account. I just get the message “you have no Impees. you should make some” it disappeared just after I deleted all nodes from my planner. What have I done wrong? What I can do to resolve this?

Try re-blinking up, and logging out of the IDE and then back in. When you log back in, make sure you use this link:

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, send me a PM, and we can look into it further.

Following these steps has not resolved the issue. Pretty sure it was deleting the all nodes from the planner that cause this.

Nodes in the planner are re-created when your code calls imp.configure(). If your code doesn’t call this, then they won’t re-appear. Could that be it?

Note that this doesn’t affect nodes from showing in the IDE, just the planner.

I’m having this problem too. I suspect what happened was that I deleted all nodes from my planner, and then turned the imp on - only it then updated the firmware if i understand the led codes correctly (it’s been a while since I last used the imp). The code that was on the imp did call imp.configure(). The imp seems happy enough at this point, but as with ChrisRusty I now have no impees listed and nothing in the planner. Not at all sure how to get code on to the imp that includes imp.configure() at this point. Any help appreciated!



It is not imp.configure. My code had this line and was working perfectly. My first issue was identified as a server issue that Matt fixed after I supplied my MAC address. I now have another issue that I think is also Server based. I tried to blink up on another network and couldn’t but now returning to my network it won’t blink up there either. I get 4 green flashes followed by 4 red flashes. Deleted my nodes and now have no impees listed again.

green/red alternating flashes is either a runtime error, or a bad enrollment token.

I checked the logs, and you appear to have a bad enrollment token. Log out of the blinkup app, log in again, and blinkup and you should be ok. Did you blinkup since changing your password?

Thanks for that, logging out and back in again fixed my issue. Not changed my password for a while and I have blinked up successfully yesterday so not sure how I go into this state. Cheers

Hmm, that’s a bit confusing. Not the first report we’ve had of this happening without a password change (either that or the app is losing the token).