Impee List

I have two imps, however I’m showing double of one (so three total on my list). Disconnecting the imp and reconnecting does not remove it. One is listed as having a custom firmware and the other has the hannah.default.

How can I delete the duplicate impee? Because there are doubles with my Hannah, it appears that I cannot make code changes on the fly as the editor says that no impees are running this firmware.

The planner shows impees, not imps, so your 3 icons indicate the impees you have (I guess 2xApril and 1xHannah?).

Just select the icon and press delete to remove anything you’re not using - it will reappear when it’s next “seen”. Note that when we have per-impee config data, deleting an impee will reset the config data to default.

Sorry - I’m talking about the actual “impees” page, where it just lists the serial number (I’m assuming?) and the code it’s running, not the planner.

I believe these will vanish if you delete them in the planner… but…

To ensure you reload code on the fly, even if  you have multiple impees, click the slider icon in the planner on the imp you want to edit, then use the edit link on the popup.

Right, they do disappear when I delete a node in the planner. However, when my Hannah comes back online it comes back with both the default firmware and the custom firmware - two entries.

Mind you, this was last week when I had wifi to test everything.

I’m running into exactly the same issue you describe.

I’ve tried deleting the nodes, refreshing the page, turning it off then on again, etc, but whatever I do, I always seem to end up with 2 impees with the same ID.

The problem is, that whichever one I click to attempt to change the firmware, it always says I have the correct firmware, but in the planner it appears to be the wrong firmware.

Did anyone ever find a workaround for this? At the moment, I can’t do anything with my Imp/Impee.