impCentral "Test Zone" on Beta

impCentral “Test Zone” is now available for preview and feedback on Beta ( “Test Zone” provides a new way to view and interact with test factory and test production objects. Overall this layout better matches Production Zone while still providing easy accessibility to developer tools such as code editor. The group list views are an intermediate design and we expect continued iterative improvements.

Please share any feedback and suggestions. This feature will replace the old “Test Factory” UI design in the near future. Please note that this is only a UI layer change and all data remains the same behind the scenes. When logging into Beta, you may use the same account credentials as normal to view all your already existing products, groups, deployments, and devices.

Test Zone is only available to Evaluation Tier and Enterprise Tier customers.

Full release notes are available at [Beta] ImpCentral Release 22-OCT-2018 (UI v2.55.0 & API v3.53.0).

Test Zone was promoted from Beta and is now live, thank you all :smile: