ImpCentral Release 28-AUG-2018 (UI v2.52.0 & API v3.49.0)


  • Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is now an option in the Account Profile section. Enabling will require two-factor authentication when logging into impCentral. There is also a setting to optionally require collaborators to enable MFA for their own accounts before they can work in your account. TOTP only for the moment, though we expect to support other forms of MFA in the future.

NOTE: Our BlinkUp apps are not yet compatible with MFA; new versions are expected soon. In the short term, you can either:

  • Log in on the mobile app and then turn on MFA
  • Use the impCentral web UI in-app BlinkUp (top right device icon, middle “BlinkUp New Device” option in pulldown)


  • Now able to assign/move 1+ devices when entering mac address with colons
  • Fixed UI-only issue which displayed incorrect timestamps (“Today at 12:00 AM”) for Collaborator related data in some places
  • No longer auto scroll to code editor line which caused a Warning (UX improvement for “Warning” scenarios)
  • More consistent use of button colors in UI, for example blue buttons regardless of which object type is being created
  • In-app device BlinkUp now includes a line indicating wifi credentials are optional and not necessary for ethernet or cellular BlinkUp
  • Dashboard bandwidth popup/tooltip will no longer sometimes remain displayed when navigating to a different view
  • Device’s swversion (impOS version) no longer sometimes incorrect for unassigned devices (showing impOS related to a prior assignment)

How do you log into Electric Imp’s BlinkUp app when MFA is enabled?

Great question! We didn’t want to hold up 2FA release on the mobile apps. That being said, a new version of the iOS and Android BlinkUp apps are already in review; hopefully these updated apps will be live sometime relatively soon. In the meantime, please use impCentral UI’s developer BlinkUp option in-app (top right device icon, middle “BlinkUp New Device” option in pulldown). Another option is to login on mobile BlinkUp app prior to enabling MFA for the account.

We should have made this explicit in the release notes, I’ll update them now.