ImpCentral Release 24-APR-2019 (UI v3.3.0)

UX Improvements

  • Device list views now also display agent status and agent ID (with agent link)
  • New button in Notification Center to support bulk actions via “Select All”
  • Group list view improvements: added quick link to copy a group ID, added “Devices” link to manage pulldown list (from 3 dots link), and increased size of device count link per group


  • Group restart options now appear correctly in Deploy dialogs (outside code editor) for all relevant group types
  • Once again able to move devices across products in UI
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented moving production devices across groups
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented “Go Live” link from being enabled properly on Test Fixtures group list
  • My Development Devices and Account Devices list views now support assigning an unassigned device to a Fixture group in Production Zone (previously only worked with devices already assigned to a different group type)
  • Breadcrumbs now remain displayed correctly for Developer Role in Code Editor of Development Zone or Test Zone
  • Fixed some tooltip text
  • Added a missing UI error notification when attempting to edit or delete a login key without valid password re-entry
  • Removed occasional blank rows for group type list pulldown in devices assign dialog
  • Removed DUT deployments from list of available deployments in create new Test Production group and Production group dialogs