ImpCentral Release 22-OCT-2018 (UI v2.55.0 & API v3.53.0)

This release is currently only available on Beta (
[Update] This release was promoted from Beta on 29-OCT-2018 and is now live.


  • “Test Zone” provides a new way to view and interact with test factory and test production objects. Overall this layout better matches Production Zone while still providing easy accessibility to developer tools such as code editor. The group list views are an intermediate design and we expect continued iterative improvements.
  • Upgrade events for improm and bootrom are included in device history (API and UI)
  • Device Group Dashboard map includes an option for just Europe

UX Improvements

  • Device details displays no value for “Last Enrolled” if device not yet enrolled (previous “unenrolled” text was confusing, for example a blessed-only production device)
  • HTML page titles better reflect location within impCentral UI
  • No longer able to access dialog/popup for new Production Device Group creation unless all dependent criteria fulfilled (tooltip on disabled button explains requirements)


  • Once again able to view the device details page for a collaborator’s device assigned to a group in own account
  • Once again able to download code everywhere the download link is visible next to a SHA
  • Breadcrumb components no longer missing and correct account remains displayed when navigating to own device in other account via certain paths other than Account toggle
  • Fixed a bug from empty device group’s devices list view which incorrectly displayed wrong account breadcrumbs when selecting “BlinkUp” link as a collaborator in other account