ImpCentral Release 22-JAN-2019 (UI v3.0.0 & API v3.55.0)



  • Account Profile allows saving a preferred timezone; this value affects timestamp display in most of the UI. The default timezone is UTC.

UX Improvements

  • Improved success notification text when creating deployments from code editor (restarting devices is best-effort; offline or sleeping devices won’t necessarily get the message)
  • Device history now displays 100 historical events instead of 20.
  • Better pulldown displays and options on the Account Profile view
  • Improved network performance when saving large code drafts


  • Streaming device logs in the UI will continue without interruption (logs would sometimes stop working after an hour when the UI requested a new access token)
  • The UI will retry deployment creation when an access token has expired.
  • Improved API performance when retrieving device history (from device details view in UI)
  • Assign Devices dialog in UI no longer displays an empty Account pulldown when other accounts should exist (for example, moving own unassigned device as a collaborator to a different account)
  • No longer able to view UI’s Account Profile pages for collaborator accounts
  • Cleaned up text format for device history upgrading events in UI
  • Clarified warning text and content when removing collaboration status in UI
  • Fixed one way an invalid session popup could incorrectly appear on login page


Updated UI on 23-JAN-2019 with version 3.0.1

UX Improvements

• Added timezone UTC offset in UI for all timestamps


• Fixed an issue with top nav status pulldown content


Updated UI on 24-JAN-2019 with version 3.0.2

Bug Fixes

  • Compilation errors and warnings in code editor will once again display relevant icon at line number and additional info in logging output


Updated API on 25-JAN-2019 with version 3.55.2

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that could cause an issue when changing a factory group’s production target group.