ImpCentral Release 22-FEB-2019 (UI v3.1.0 & API v3.56.0)


  • Device Lookup now supports partial search. From top nav device icon pulldown, in the Device Lookup input field, enter 2+ characters of any device ID, name, mac address, or agent ID. Filtered results will return up to 15 matches and selecting any listed result navigates to Device Details view.
  • New collaborator role “BlinkUp Device” allows transferring ownership of a device to a different account via in-app BlinkUp. This new role replaces the old “Factory Operator” role. Any collaborator with this “BlinkUp Device” role can now select a matching destination account from “BlinkUp New Device” page (accessed with top nav device icon pulldown). Transferred devices will appear as unassigned and owned by destination account. Note if the the collaborating account only had “BlinkUp Device” role and no other roles, they will not have any other permissions to destination account and thus lose device visibility/access after BlinkUp. The new “BlinkUp Device” role can be combined with any other roles as desired.
  • New User Feedback option available from top nav chat icon. Please send us your thoughts.
  • Group Server list profiles now available to accounts with access. Please contact support to access preview beta servers for agents/imps. Creating or editing a group will display available options for your account.

UX Improvements

  • Added group description input option when creating a new group (all types)
  • Changed top left Account switching description for own account to display “My Account”
  • Account Preferences Timezone settings now includes “Browser” option and the list of available names was shortened while improving layout style
  • UI logging output timestamps now also display milliseconds
  • Added optional Deploy links on Device Group list views


  • Better handling and recovery for message throttling during extremely fast log output (code editor or device details)
  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally cause some historical logs to be missing
  • Eliminated some redundant API requests from UI at particular locations
  • Flow for enabling MFA in UI now stops user earlier if initial confirmation password invalid
  • Assign device success dialog no longer missing destination account name
  • After a particular account switching path to code editor, own account name will no longer temporarily appear as text for Draft and B&R buttons
  • Newly created accounts will now correctly also have a refresh token saved and thus remain logged in beyond initial hour
  • Login Key time related display info is now also mapped to saved Account Profile timezone settings in UI
  • Account details which are not yet set will now display nothing instead of “null”
  • Fixed an Edge browser specific bug which prevented using the Assign Devices pulldown for group type

Updated UI on 26-FEB-2019 with version 3.1.1

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from creating new production group types
  • Fixed a bug related to one particular case of MFA required for new production deployments

Updated UI on 27-FEB-2019 with version 3.1.2

  • Fixed a bug that prevented updating production group settings