ImpCentral Release 2018-05-25 (UI v2.47.0 & API v3.45.0)


  • Added ability to BlinkUp developer devices from impCentral UI (2nd option in pulldown from top nav Devices icon)
  • Added device group dashboards general information, device bandwidth, and device location to the impCentral UI


  • Fixed Safari-only issue with mouse cursor location when using light theme with code editor
  • UI now correctly allows editing of device names in all device settings popups, regardless of collaboration relationships (when user has permissions to update name)
  • Test Factory code editor now displays all assigned devices after refreshing the browser
  • Fixed another browser refresh scenario that could result in lost draft for unsaved work-in-progress
  • Fixed historical log endpoint to properly manage duplicate log lines in the same millisecond; previously logging would collapse multiple log entries into one when log message was exactly the same (not yet resolved UI side)
  • Pre-compiler now generates warnings for ambiguous hex literals
  • Fixed issue where devices assigned to group in code editor wouldn’t show up (only occurred when swapping between legacy UI and impCentral)
  • After refreshing code editor in Development Zone, UI’s device groups dropdown now correctly includes more device groups from same product
  • Code editor settings button now appears with narrow browser width
  • Proper error now displayed if attempting to change password with an invalid current password
  • UI no longer shows invalid roles when editing collaborators (restricted based on account tier)
  • UI now correctly ignores case when showing available invitations
  • Device list views in UI now display product and group info for device, in addition to selectable “code” link, even with many products / groups in account (was broken due to pagination issue for users with many products and groups)
  • UI now respects account tier limits on collaborator invitations

Very happy to see the new device group dashboards!

Would it be possible to add a “number of devices contributing” or average per device checkbox (that were actually online and connected during the different levels of granularity)?

The bulk information is valuable, but being able to attribute it in averages per device would be much more useful.

Also, are the /ui and device group counts end points going to be made available for impCentral API users to run their own analytics?

  1. “average devices online” is an interesting idea, but the functionality is a little difficult at scale given the way we report on bandwidth used. One simple option would be to capture a snapshot of devices online at some granularity, and feed that in to the auditing subsystem… we’ll consider options, but no guarantees on timeframe. See my postscript below, however.
  2. The endpoints under /ui are – generally – never going to be documented or have any guaranteed consistency; they exist for internal use. That being said, I’m mindful of a great quote I can’t find at the moment; something like “every observable feature of a system will eventually be depended on by customers” – we know the counts and bandwidth endpoint have general utility. They will be documented and moved to the /v5 hierarchy. We’ve got some significant planned changes to our data schema that need to happen before we can do that, however.

In re: bandwidth for devices vs. devicegroups … later this week you’ll be able to get per-device bandwidth usage over the past week. With some spot checks that may help understand general usage?

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