ImpCentral Release 2018-04-30 (UI v2.46.0 & API v3.44.0)


  • Added cookie privacy policy notification and acknowledgement now required for new account creation


  • Refreshing browser should no longer redirect to login page (refresh token used after access token expiration/invalidation)
  • SHA values displayed on Test Factory Device Group list view no longer incorrectly empty after reload
  • After last listed device unassigned from code editor, next assigned device will now appear selected by default
  • Developer Tier accounts no longer display invalid collaborator role options when creating a new collaboration invitation
  • Email after migrating legacy model now always includes valid link to related content in impCentral
  • Collaborators now allowed to appropriately update device names in other accounts

Is anyone else finding that the Ctrl-F search function in the IDE no longer works after this update?

Otherwise, glad to see that refreshing the page goes straight back into the IDE. However, a Ctrl-F5 refresh (tried that to see if it would fix the search not working) mucked things up so I had to fully close the window and come back in through the login page.

Dang it :frowning_face: Great bug find, thank you for reporting!

QA confirmed the broken code editor search feature and we’re now tracking for resolution :+1: Believe it or not, it does make sense why this broke (from our side), not that knowing that helps the fact that this issues still exists…

Hmmm, this might be a hotfix candidate actually, which means it would be resolved within next couple of days vs next couple of weeks. Either way we’ll continue to provide a status update and plan here.

Thank you again for reporting and we’re very sorry for the inconvenience!

Yes, the same here. I am a big fan of the IDE and the search function is an absolutely indispensable part of it.

A hot fix would be good :+1:

We’ll be hot fixing this tomorrow 03-MAY-2018. Sorry for the delay, we’ve been evaluating other potential issues stemming from the same root cause as the missing search feature.

For those of you blocked by the lack of search, our beta site ( has been updated with the hotfix, which is scheduled to go to production tomorrow. The font-weight regression in logging output has also been fixed to improve readability.

Hotfix update just released to resolve a scenario that could cause unsaved draft work-in-progress to be lost.

Hello! Currently not possible normal editing in Safari - pointer are 2 letters shifted.
I remember that the same problem was some years ago and then it was corrected.

Hello, sorry for the troubles. We are not currently tracking an active issue such as this. Can you please let us know what version of Safari you are using? We only support the two most recent vendor supported versions of each browser (more info here).

Also, to help clarify your issue, are you talking about the cursor appearing in the wrong place, always shifted two characters to the left? Is it always this way, for example when first logging in, or only after having used the code editor for awhile? Also, sorry last question, was this not an issue in impCentral previously and only recently became an issue (even with same browser version etc).

Thank you so much for helping us track down this problem!

I’m using Safari Version 11.1 (11605.
Yes - cursor is shifted 1,5-2 character to left, for example:
if cursor is placed after “D” at he end of “SERVER_CONNECTED) {” and I press to delete D, instead of deleting D, the “{” is deleted.
Or if I select “SERVER_CONNECTED”, Copy and Paste the result is “ERVER_CONNECTED) {”
I migrate the code from Legacy to ImpCentral, a bit later try to make some changes and recognise his. So - I have edited in impCentral before on other projects and don’t recognise this.
Just now I recognise that this problem are on Bold Caps like DIGITAL_OUT, SERVER_CONNECTED. not on “else if”, for example. The rest parts of code seems ok editable.

Thanks Peter. We’ve verified this problem with the light code editor theme, but haven’t been able to replicate with the dark theme – can you confirm you’re using the light theme? This will be scheduled and fixed in an upcoming sprint.

Yes - I’m using light theme.

Hi @PeterAP, just closing the loop here, your issue should now be fixed :+1:


Now it is possible to edit normally.
BUT! I try to write a code (no assigned devices) and save but it disappear - not possible to find it any more…:frowning: And message “saved a few seconds ago” means nothing in this case.
What I’m doing wrong or this is a bug? Really disappointed.
On Legacy IDE it never happen…

Hi @PeterAP, sorry for the troubles! We are not aware of any issue like this, can you please create a new post over in category for us to discuss further. I don’t think this particular issue you are experiencing is related to the older UI v2.46.0 release (or newer v2.47.0).

Thank you!

Thanks! I make a now topic where I try to describe more detailed.

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Hello! The topic arise again. Very difficult to write a code. API theme - light.