ImpCentral Release 2018-04-11 (UI v2.45.0 & API v3.43.0)


  • Test Blessed Devices (both unenrolled and enrolled) will now also be displayed in Test Factory Code editor devices list. This should help improve user experience when setting up factory and production scenarios in Development Zone.
  • Better error messages when logging into UI with invalid credentials or attempting to create new account with invalid values (existing username, insecure password, etc)
  • Relevant error information is now displayed when using an invalid new account creation link from email, depending on the reason (account already created, expired link, etc)
  • Compile warnings will now appear in UI even if no errors exist (previously warnings would only appear in UI if also 1+ errors)
  • Further improvements to light code editor theme, specifically for some squirrel syntax coloring
  • Searching a device by mac address will now be faster than previously


  • Assigning 1+ devices from code editor to empty group will now correctly show devices (auto expanded side nav and default selected top device)
  • Initial default draft in UI will no longer sometimes be empty depending on route to code editor, when 1+ deployments created from outside UI or via multi-user
  • Test Blessed Devices view will no longer display recently promoted test factory code (now correctly only displays promoted development code)
  • Production device group list view pagination buttons now work
  • Streaming logs will now recover in Chrome browser after computer sleeps and wakes (this is a Chrome bug which we now workaround)
  • Streaming logs will now continue working regardless of deleting last device in a list (this was a common scenario when working with test factory and test blessed devices)
  • Test Blessed Devices view should no longer display empty sha, wrong sha, or missing comments, after deploying new code
  • Collaborators viewing other account’s Production Zone will now correctly see “View All Factory Device Groups” link from 3rd level breadcrumb pulldown
  • Fixed an issue where wrong account name would sometimes be displayed for collaborator devices on My Development Devices list page
  • Loading icon no longer becomes stuck on screen when trying to unassign an offline device from any group’s devices list view using the Manage column option
  • DUTs no longer display device status and agent info (id and status) in test factory code editor (above the logs pane), this is because the info could be wrong… In the future there will be significant improvements to DUTs in general, and these details will return to UI.
  • Production deployment list no longer incorrectly displays duplicate deployments after creating a new deployment
  • Fixed UI buttons and options available to Support Role while viewing a different account as a multi-user Collaborator (now matches API restrictions)
  • Breadcrumbs now persist correctly when collaborating as an Operations Manager role in Production Zone
  • Full screen code editor mode now persists state even when changing SHA from top left pulldown, or if choosing to Edit a prior locked deployment

Also added API 3.43.1 on same day (11-APR-2018) for pre-compiler allowing requires when #require comments are not on first column (legacy supported this scenario, so we will do the same in impCentral) :+1: