ImpCentral Release 2018-02-13 (UI v2.4.0 & API v3.41.0)


  • API now supports multiple logstreams per account (up to 8 simultaneous, and maximum device count per logstream bumped from 5 to 8)
  • New favicon and in-app header logo


  • Slower network traffic will no longer occasionally cause issues with incorrect code for deployment creation and confusing current draft state
  • Device details log output is no longer mysteriously double spaced (now consistent with legacy and code editor logging)
  • Test blessed devices no longer incorrectly appear duplicated in UI while viewing Test Blessed Devices page during blessing events
  • Collaborators view as a collaborator once again shows other collaborator names, even when not having direct relationships with other collaborators (email hidden by design, requires direct relationship)
  • Empty Factory Device Group’s Deployment list view no longer has link to code editor which caused various bugs-in-bugs (by design, no code editor in Production Zone)
  • Legacy UI warning notification about forced migration timeline updated from “February” to “March”.
  • Test Blessed Devices view logging header info and option now remain fixed above logging output
  • Removing last device from code editor view no longer creates invalid path and users can refresh code editor when no devices assigned
  • URL paths no longer reference “workspace” language
  • Collaborators with Development Role will no longer have access in UI to Production Zone (API prevented data visibility and actions, but user should never have been there)
  • Changing password now clears refresh tokens