ImpCentral Release 2018-02-01 (UI v2.3.0 & API v3.40.0)


  • New login page look and content
  • Device logging pause state now persists per device throughout app (even after reload)
  • Region information now displayed for Production Zone Factory Group interactions (as applicable per impCloud)
  • Able to delete a DUT from Test Factory code editor’s device list
  • Device details action options pulldown auto updates for current state of device
  • Changed release notes link from top nav pulldown to public forums announcements


  • Numerous issues related to device logging and pause state were resolved (see above feature which enhances log pausing behavior)
  • Fixed a couple multi-user view reload issues for collaborators working with Test Blessed Devices on a different account
  • Production Zone Factory Group historical deployments list view no longer has direct SHA link to code (roles and permissions restricted)
  • Test Factory code editor’s DUT delete icon tooltip no longer overlapped by side nav
  • Collaborators in Development Zone will now see device group’s side nav “Devices” link
  • Cleaned up some text formatting in device group settings popups
  • Cleaned up text related to factory group creation
  • Fixed a sneaky bug which would sometimes cause device list views to display empty even when devices existed
  • Unblessed production devices no longer temporarily remained displayed in device list as if not deleted
  • Resizing code editor to extremes will no longer cause the agent code’s border pane to disappear
  • Better handling for some invalid UI routes
  • Fixed a v5 internal error from POST /v5/auth with invalid id type