ImpCentral Release 2018-01-18 (v2.2.0 & API v3.38.0)

We’re trying impCentral release notes on the forums. Please let us know if you have questions or want more info.


  • Can now move a device directly from the code editor to a different group
  • Can now unassign a device directly from the code editor
  • Squirrel syntax coloring now supports #line <line number> <file>
  • Regional support for production device groups in UI (when applicable per impCloud)


  • Removed unintended API fetching from UI, which sometimes resulted in missing UI content (because of API rate limiting)
  • Pause and unpause features from device details logging view now actually, you know, pauses and unpauses logs (this was already working correctly from code editor, but not device details, oopsie)
  • Historical logs ordering improvements in UI, now down to the millisecond
  • Unassigned offline device can now display historical logs from device details view
  • Cleaned up inconsistent wording in a few popups and list views
  • Logstream now closed when user logs out of UI
  • Reloading app when viewing code in other account as a collaborator now reloads correct prior view
  • Unassigned devices now show text indicating own account instead of empty (My Devices and Account Devices views)
  • Cleaned up Production Zone columns and action options for production devices
  • Assigning devices popup will no longer move the submit button
  • Fixed some client side error handling for popup inputs
  • Changed wording on impCentral migration buttons (attempting to improve legacy conversions, it just opens a wizard with more info, click it please)
  • Legacy IDE now supports factory imps for Debug Information lookup (use full device ID, not mac address)