ImpCentral Release 17-SEP-2018 (UI v2.53.0 & API v3.51.0)


  • Added new “Go Live” option which takes an existing Test Factory setup and creates new matching Groups/Deployments in Production Zone. This feature is currently only available to account owner and not yet supported for Collaborator Roles.
  • Changing a Factory Group’s target Production Group now automatically restarts all assigned Factory Fixtures (also updated related UI note).

UX Improvements

  • All Device list views “Code” links now route directly to Code Editor Draft mode for quicker path to coding.
  • All Product and Group list views now list 100 items per page by default.
  • UI automatically strips any blank spaces off the beginning/end of webhook urls before saving.


  • Test Factory code editor now automatically updates to display new device types for DUTs and Test Blessed Devices in real time (note transition from blessed-only to also production enrolled does not yet auto update).
  • Code Editor’s Draft/Version SHA pulldown no longer changes currently selected device.
  • Collaborators in other account’s Test Factory code editor can now use the version pulldown to return to own draft mode.
  • Now able to correctly assign devices by agent ID (was broken via UI for certain agents) and improved placeholder text for valid device ID entry options.

Regression Error. Fetching earlier builds doesn’t work. If I select an older build from the drop-down list to review, the agent/device code windows are blank. I have to refresh the page to get it. Using Chrome on Windows 10.

We were able to reproduce this UI issue. A bit strange though, after happening once it seems to never happen again for any group (maybe until next login? Still testing…). Regardless, we’ll investigate further and turnaround a hotfix asap. Thanks for pointing out the problem and sorry for the trouble.

Ok, QA finished testing here and turns out this bug has been actively lurking for awhile (not a regression from prior release). In addition to very particular steps/flows, it requires some unfortunate timing outside the scope of user control.

The developers want to spend a little extra time here and we’ve thus decided to not hotfix. Instead we’ll include the fix (along with any other potential similar scenarios) in the next upcoming impCentral release. This should happen within a couple weeks time.