ImpCentral Release 13-AUG-2019 (UI v3.6.0 & API v3.60.0)


  • Device group search is now available from top nav in UI. This feature supports partial searches and works across all groups of any type in both own account and other accounts where user is a collaborator.
  • Custom user defined environment variables are now available. More detailed info about user variables coming soon to the Dev Center. This feature allows saving custom user variable items associated to a group which may be referenced in squirrel agent and device code. This information is accessible to code via the reserved identifier __VARS, which is a Squirrel enum. So for example a group with saved user env var {"foo": "bar"} and a deployment with server.log(; would result in log output of “bar”.
  • Revamped collaborator Roles on backend and descriptions are now also displayed in UI. All accounts had their Roles automatically swapped to new system which basically has the same total permission sets as previously. Original notification about this change was impCentral Role Normalization and more recent note with additional details at Upcoming Role and Permission Changes.

UX Improvements

  • Improved breadcrumb dropdown contents and consistency.
  • Fixed labels and increased set of available deployment types available for selection at certain group creation dialogs and deployment dialogs.
  • Improved promoted deployment identification means in deployment list views and dialogs.
  • Creating a new product no longer always forces creation of a development group. Instead, the successfully created product dialog now displays links to quickly create other group types based on permissions.
  • Option to create new groups without any default deployment selection.
  • Both Products and Groups list views display optional row links inline with wide browser mode (still an extra click for 3-dots accessible via narrow browser width).


  • impClouds with Region options now display regional production groups in move device dialogs.
  • Test Production devices now correctly auto update status changes in Test Production code editor.
  • Better client side handling and error displays when attempting to change password with invalid current password.
  • Deleting Login Keys in Profile area supports 8 character passwords in UI (button correctly becomes enabled).
  • Invalid password when disabling MFA in Profile area no longer displays success in UI (always failed API side).
  • Support Role no longer incorrectly views links for “Deploy” and “Redeploy” on production group list (always failed API side).
  • Support Role no longer incorrectly views link to Fixture groups from Products list view.
  • Support role no longer sees option to edit production group deployment in UI (always failed API side).
  • Fixed broken links on Production Zone empty Fixture group view.
  • Device counts on group list views now display zero instead of empty.

Further guidance on using user-defined environment variables is now available in the Dev Center.