ImpCentral Release 12-SEP-2019 (UI v3.7.1 & API v3.61.0)


Preliminary cellular billing support has been released.

If you have one or more cellular devices, you can see your balance and data credit in the “Account Billing” section of your profile. We’ll be providing more granular information over the next few sprints; for the time being you can see daily connection counts (counted the first time a device connects in a given month) and data refills. Note that all usage prior to September 2019 has been comped, and all September 2019 usage prior to the 13th has been aggregated into a single line item for the 1st of the month.

Registered cards will be charged on the first of each month for prior months’ usage.


  • UI was incorrectly ascribing compilation errors to environment variable issues; fixed to only blame env vars when appropriate.
  • UI was incorrectly limiting size of name and description fields for resources; fixed to match underlying limits.
  • UI wasn’t saving drafts when exiting code editor after a compilation error; fixed to save drafts.
  • UI was calling the wrong API method for deletion of DUT devices from production DUT groups; fixed to call the correct method.