ImpCentral Release 12-JUL-2018 (UI v2.49.0 & API v3.47.0)

impCentral Beta has been updated with the upcoming UI and API releases. Please visit to check out these new improvements! As a reminder, the beta environment supports your same account and devices etc.

We expect to roll this update to our Production environment later this week. Please let us know here if you experience any issues or have questions.

Full release notes are below for reference, but the major changes include new API > Login Key management via the UI and significant UI fixes related to drafts, logging, and general performance.


  • Account Profile page now has a new side navigation layout
  • API Login keys are now manageable in UI under account profile view
  • Device details now displays deployment SHA for what code a device is running (could be different than most recent deployment on a group)


  • Improved draft saving logic and performance
  • Improved performance throughout UI when viewing data related to deployments
  • Devices reconnecting in code editor will no longer cause logs to jump around, should make recovery from bad squirrel a much better experience in UI
  • Fixed a particular scenario which could cause draft to appear incorrectly
  • Pre-compiler warnings will now show as a warning notification in UI rather than an error, also support multiple alerts when relevant
  • Better error message in UI when attempting to update test factory group or production group with invalid name value
  • Cleaned up the device details history view
  • Added a warning to Factory group’s settings popup for changing Production blessings target group
  • Fixed messaging in notifications which would sometimes extend beyond notification box size
  • Deployments settings popups now allow selecting “promoted” label in addition to checkbox
  • Development Zone device group list view no longer makes an invalid API request
  • Fixed a bug which caused streaming logs to stop working after browser lost and regained internet connection multiple times
  • Code editor now shows up to 100 assigned devices rather than only 20
  • Fixed minor spacing issue on login page with certain browsers
  • impCentral page title now persists browser reloads
  • Fixed breadcrumbs and pulldown issue related to pagination on Test Factory Code Editor
  • Device/Agent logs which happen in the same millisecond will now appear in UI logging output
  • Device/Agent logs in UI will now show blank lines if logged
  • Success or failure alert notifications now displayed when editing an existing collaborator’s roles
  • Fixed some tooltips which were using inconsistent language (delete vs unassign)
  • Long product or group names without any space characters will no longer overlap text in breadcrumbs

This release has now been promoted from Beta to the Production environment :+1: