ImpCentral Release 12-DEC-2018 (UI v2.56.1 & API v3.54.2)


  • MFA now optionally available for deployments on production groups, thus requiring a OTP when pushing code to production devices
  • User profile page now supports editing account information
  • Device info page now includes data for device and agent last changed datetime

UX Improvements

  • Zone nav items remain usable for currently selected zone
  • Code editor “Build” buttons now display blue notification message while deployment still being saved (helps users visually with slower connectivity)
  • Devices list views now defaults to 100 results per page


  • Fixed an edge case which could cause some collaboration invitations to not appear correctly for recipients
  • Test production group dashboard links now correctly route to test production group instead of test factory group
  • Deleting a test factory group no longer auto removes associated test production devices and test production group
  • Improved naming consistency throughout Test Zone
  • Device details history events no longer show “Deleted Device Group” for unassigned devices
  • More consistent order for “Manage” column options on all device group list views (“Devices” and “Deployments” links)
  • Better device count calculations for development zone’s development group’s devices counts (no longer cached)
  • “Go Live” link now correctly always enabled when requirements met
  • Loading the assign devices popup from code editor will now be much faster