ImpCentral Release 10-APR-2019 (UI v3.2.0 & API v3.57.0)


  • Factory groups have been separated into Fixture and DUT (“Device Under Test”) groups, for both the impCentral API and UI. This has been a long-standing customer request; it separates logic and allows code to use the full device and agent memory based on factory role. All existing factoryfixture groups have been migrated, and everything should continue working without change.

    • A new DUT group has been created for every fixture group, with the same code as the existing fixture group; this change should be transparent to existing factories.
    • DUT code and fixture code must now be managed separately; existing code containing conditionals for role – i.e., code that chooses a path based on whether its running on a factory fixture or a test device – should be simplified by removing the unnecessary logic (DUT groups don’t need the fixture logic, fixture groups don’t need the DUT logic)
    • Very old factory fixtures might have issues and show an unexpected log entry of “No firmware assigned; booting to blank firmware.” If this occurs, we’re sorry for the inconvenience. Please do a new developer BlinkUp from an Electric Imp BlinkUp mobile app or from within impCentral web UI BlinkUp. In addition, unassigning and re-assigning the fixture will help clean state from what was previously hidden bad data.
  • Tags now supported for Device updates (API-only, not yet in web UI). Device tags also work with partial device search.

  • API now invalidates all access tokens on password change event.

  • Notifications now exist for many account events. These may be accessed from the top nav bell icon or from account Profile views.

UX Improvements

  • New group list view design layout and organization.
  • The Invitation and Collaborator views have been combined. They’re both now accessible from the account side nav Collaborators page via tabs
  • Minor layout change for group dashboards, adding group IDs.
  • Renamed “Factory” group types to “Fixture” group types in UI, which distinguishes between “Fixture” group and the new “DUT” group.


  • Fixed a bug that could occasionally cause an assigned device to not appear in code editor.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented entering a valid MFA OTP after prior fails in new production group dialog (when MFA required for new production deployment creations).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from managing device group profiles.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause draft loss when a collaborator creates new deployment for same group.
  • Removed some unnecessary and redundant API requests from UI.
  • Fixed errors in UI around updating log keys.

More info about new factory configurations available on DevCenter at

Added “Notifications” into Features section, which is now enabled and live :+1:

Updated UI on 11-APR-2019 with version 3.2.1:

  • Fixed an issue that could temporarily display wrong draft in code editor
  • Fixed an issue that prevented particular content/characters from being logged by agent or device in UI

Updated API on 15-APR-2019 with version 3.57.2:

  • Fixed an API bug that prevented showing relationship deployment data when requesting groups lists with a particular filter combination
  • Fixed a UI bug with pulldown selection which made it difficult to move production devices between groups