ImpCentral Release 09-MAY-2019 (UI v3.4 & API v3.58)


  • API now allows moving own unassigned or development devices directly into a Test Production group type, thus simulating the factory blessing flow (not supported for Production Zone and not yet added to web UI)

UX Improvements

  • New Products list view design with direct links to desired group type and count data for total devices and groups


  • Test cleanup in various group settings dialogs, deployment dialogs, and device lists
  • Assign Devices dialog from Test Fixture Code Editor will no longer incorrectly shows test DUT device types as available (would previously fail API side)
  • Create new group button now still immediately usable after first group creation
  • Improved timing for success/failure animation after device BlinkUp
  • Fixed device count and datetime where missing from a few device group type dashboards