ImpCentral Release 09-AUG-2018 (UI v2.51.0 & API v3.48.0)


  • Creating a new deployment from deployments list view now defaults description the same as source deployment
  • Assign Devices popup in Code Editor now includes a “Last Enrolled” column and all devices are sorted in this order
  • New option to download code is displayed next to deployment SHAs on Group list, Deployment list, and Device Details. This feature only appears for account owner or if user has permissions to view code based on Collaborator Role.


  • Group Dashboard’s devices location map will now continue working correctly after having viewed multiple different groups
  • Resolved an issue in UI when loading Development Group list view which was causing subsequent issues for some users with lots of groups
  • Device list views no longer incorrectly display collaborator device owner name as own account name after updating collaborator device’s settings
  • “Edit” button in Code Editor will now work correctly even if user did not yet have a draft (this bug prevented users from editing code if navigating to Code Editor one very particular way)
  • Code Editor pulldown for recent deployments and draft link now correctly auto updates correlating minimum version deployment SHA
  • Deleting a DUT from Test Factory Code Editor view will now auto remove the DUT from UI (without needing to reload view)
  • Developer Role will now correctly see “Deployments” link option from other account’s Development Group list view
  • Collaborator Account pulldown now does a better job of auto updating in relation to collaboration changes
  • Wrapped some long names in UI which were running out of their boundaries
  • Many tooltips which sometimes remained displayed in UI after changing views will now be correctly removed. (We know Dashboard Bandwidth tooltip still has this issue, will be fixed later.)
  • Added more success notifications in UI for scenarios which were missing them (such as creating or deleting certain objects)