ImpCentral Release 03-OCT-2018 (UI v2.54.0 & API v3.52.0)


  • Production devices may now be moved to production groups in different products (requires same production group region).
  • Device assignment popup now allows optionally changing destination account (does not apply to production zone). This makes it much easier to move own unassigned device(s) into a different account.
  • New button after device assignment allows navigating directly to code editor where device(s) were just assigned.

UX Improvements

  • Device group names may now be identical for different group types under the same product.
  • Create new deployment or production group popup now includes group name in list of optional deployments. Also changed a column header for clarity.
  • No longer auto retry device lookup as mac, leave user input as-is (less confusing) and provide better “no results found” message.
  • Improved some error message details to clarify self-fix options.
  • Added caps lock warning icon to login page password field.


  • Create new production group popup in production zone no longer incorrectly displays promoted test factory code for optional deployment.
  • Once again able to edit device name in UI for collaborator devices in other accounts.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause breadcrumbs to disappear (after an hour of being logged in during auto exchange of refresh token for new access token).
  • Top nav devices pulldown options for “My Development Devices” and “BlinkUp New Device” will now display view as own account.
  • Test blessed devices now auto disappear from UI if unblessed/deleted from outside current session (multi-user scenario or API directly, etc).
  • Test blessed devices now auto update in UI to change status from blessed-only to also production enrolled.
  • Fixed a very particular scenario low frequency issue which could cause the code editor to display empty code when trying to view a prior deployment from versions pulldown.
  • Switching directly to code editor in a different account from various list view links of own account now displays breadcrumbs correctly.
  • Saving a new draft with all code removed will now persist correctly in UI regardless of subsequent navigation routes.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause config to not load and thus certain UI components missing until next app refresh, such as MFA settings.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause the app to not load at all after refresh (spinning gear icon).