impCentral™ Migration Update

Dear Developers and Customers,

impCentral has now been in production for two months, and many developers have already made the switch to this new online development and production management platform.

However, some customers have requested more time to make the transition, so we will delay the automatic migration to impCentral by 30 days until early April 2018. We will communicate the exact date as the migration approaches.

In addition, we previously communicated our plans for upgrading the impWorks™ tools to be fully compatible with the impCentral API. Here is the update:

Our new toolset, impt (short for ‘imp tool’), is intended to replace build-cli and impTest. It also adds many new features. It will be available as a Beta within a few days, as will an updated version of the Builder preprocessor. An update to our Sublime Text plug-in is in the works and we expect it to be available as a Beta within the next two weeks.

Please stay tuned for further announcements regarding availability.

Terrence Barr
Head of Solutions Engineering
Electric Imp

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