impCentral™ Migration Update: Announcing next-gen. impWorks™ Tools

We’re happy to announce availability of our next-generation impWorks tools:

  • Fully aligned with the impCentral capabilities and API, replacing the previous build-cli and impTest
  • A new tool, impt, which provides command-line and scriptable access to all features of impCentral
  • A complete automated test framework for unit testing and continuous integration testing, integrated into impt
  • An updated version of the Builder preprocessor
  • An updated IDE plug-in for the Sublime text editor, with improved team collaboration capabilities (preview coming shortly)

For more details, please have a look at our blog.

impWorks documentation can be found in the Dev Center.

Developers who were waiting for the tooling to be updated for impCentral should now start migrating. Please post any issues you have with the new tools here in the forums.

Terrence Barr
Head of Solutions Engineering
Electric Imp