impCentral logs are lagging and perpetual 'loading' graphic

Hi, the current status of impCentral is that my logs in the IDE seem to not work, but after waiting for several minutes it appears they are merely extremely laggy.

The IDE (on Chrome, btw) shows perpetual loading graphics near the top-right corner. The status indicator of the services all show Green lights with no incidents. What else could be the issue?


Paging @kevinhoiland … I’ve not seen this myself, but it may vary with your location/latency to servers. Whereabouts are you located?

Hmm, we aren’t seeing any general issues with logging. The loading icon stuck in top-right corner means you’ve hit a weird bug and the UI is in a bit of broken state. Is there still a problem with logging after refreshing your browser? A refresh, or login/logout, should resolve the loading icon and any potentially related logging bugs.

Sorry for the troubles! I’m very curious if you have a way of reproducing the problem or any thoughts of how you might have gotten into that state :grinning:

The other general cause could just be related to an intermittent internet connection. Are you seeing any notifications about lost and/or regained connection status?

The logs were back to normal speed the next day for sure, and may have been running normally that afternoon. We are in Wisconsin, USA. connections are not normally a problem at all : )

this seemed like an anomaly.