Impcentral logging missing

I have an imp006 device/agent which are showing no recent logging in the impcentral console despite being online. I can see network activity against my Twilio SIM, plus the device/agent are obviously working as I’m seeing our own logging in AWS CloudWatch and receiving data from the device/agent.
Anyone got any thoughts on how/why this can occur?

Is it a production device, or blessed? These devices do not log unless you start a log stream - the logs are quenched at the device side.

Hi Hugo,
I think it was a production device. We normally see logging, but in this case there was none.
I’m assuming that logs get throttled if there’s low/no bandwidth?

For a production device, look up the device in the impCentral menu bar and enable logging. The logs will be collected for 24 hours after you stop looking at them - but log collection only starts at the point where you enable production logs.

They don’t get throttled based on bandwidth, no.

It’s a known issue unfortunately. Logging is in general best effort. For any important data - including important logs - we would recommend using third-party services via https or mqtt.

Ok, thanks for the feedback. We do use AWS logging for critical stuff!

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