impCentral IDE missing revs

Having an issue with the impCentral IDE. All revisions from May 1st through this morning (May 7th) are gone. The code is at the rev from May 1st with no other history accessible when reconnected after the weekend.

About three days of work. More than annoying. impCentral had a error when started up this morning, and did a refresh/relogin. Not sure what the error was.

I only access through one device, I know multiple access can de-sync.

Can you PM with more info? Device IDs, etc? We’ll look into this first thing monday.

One way or another, we can recover any lost data – but I can’t think of anything that would lead to this kind of loss. Are you saying that you’ve lost deployments? Or that you’ve lost code that was in development that hadn’t yet been saved?

I’m fairly certain it was deployments at least until the 3rd. The code on the 4th might have been drafts. I am most interested in the code base from the 4th, end of day.

If it helps I was using the beta impCentral. I was recommended to use that as I was experiencing sync issues for committed code. I’m in NZ so there is so there is a lag.

A note, I don’t get a “PM” option button when I click on your picture. New to forums, so could just be newbie issue for PM’s.

You don’t get a “message” button? That’s the PM on Discourse. I can’t see any flags that would turn that off.

Yes no blue “message” button.

I believe this is based off age of account and / or forum posting. Your account is less than a day old, so it – again, dredging hazy memories of discourse admin – isn’t allowed to PM yet.

In any case, separate messages sent via a few different channels.

that’s what I figured. haven’t had any deep questions earlier.

Thank you for reporting this issue! There was indeed a way for prior unsaved draft work-in-progress to appear lost. This was just hotfixed to production today. I believe your particular missing draft code was also sent to you as requested. Sorry for the issue and thanks again!