impCentral IDE issues

I currently have 2 issues with impCentral IDE which make using it not very enjoyable.

  1. When navigating to development workspace, the assigned devices are not listed on the code page. Instead it shows only the ‘assign devices’ button even though it knows there are n assigned devices. I have to navigate to other page (say deployments) then back to code page for devices to then appear.

  2. When session expired, or logout is clicked, the IDE either took a long time to get back to login page, or just not responsive at all.

I’m using Chrome.

Yep, I also experience the first one at least. I am able to press a small arrow icon to the far left in the logging window on Safari on Mac.

We have seen the “Device List” being collapsed right after devices are assigned and that’s on our list of bugs to be fixed. But we weren’t able to reproduce what you mentioned below, did you notice what the device count says?

We also had problem reproducing the below. Have you seen this happen again? Did you have multiple active sessions open when you see this problem?

It looks like, after a couple of weeks of me and my colleagues having both problems, they seem to have been fixed already today :smiley:

Happy to hear that! Please let us know if you see it again. Thanks!