impCentral device search

In the legacy IDE, I used to be able to search for devices by the last 4 characters in the mac addresses - doesn’t look like this works in the new IDE. It also seems that devices can’t be searched for by their name. Finding it difficult to sort through all my migrated devices now - any tips or have I missed a search option in the new IDE somewhere?

I second this request. It was really nice to be able to type in the last four characters instead of the entire ID.

I third it, there are reasons why it went away but I’ve been told it’ll return :slight_smile:

We hear you – this has been a request from day one for impCentral, ever since we started doing internal testing.

The legacy IDE made this possible in an imperfect-but-frequently-good-enough way by keeping an internal list of devices on the browser and doing a local lookup for matches. With the advent of collaboration and visibility into hundreds of thousands of production devices, the legacy method quickly fails at scale.

True substring search across all devices is coming, but it needs to wait until our legacy system is completely retired; that in turn allows us to make significant efficiency changes to the backend.

… we may have a shorter-term answer, but I can’t guess at the timeframe.