Impc002 availability

Just wondering on the IMPC002 device and when will it be available ?
Any changes in hardware from the IMPC001 device ?
NB-IOT service is available now in my area from Vodafone.

We have hardware in-house, but support is a little behind an as-yet unannounced cellular-supporting device :slight_smile:

There are a couple of changes on hardware - mainly IRQ pins and some UARTs do not have HW flow control. We can, however, give you guidance on the safe subset to use between the C001 and C002. What I/O are you using?

We have designed an IMPC001 product and managed to use up all its I/O lines !
We are hoping that IMPC002 slots in ok without any hardware changes.
The only UART that we use with hw flow control is to drive the WiFI/BLE module from Murata 1DX. We use pins P,Q,R,S here.

impC002 has exactly the same number of GPIOs as impC001.

uartPQRS exists on impC002, but does not have HW flow control; the only uarts on impC002 with HW flow control are uartDCAB and uartEVMT. We plan to enable software-driven HW flow control at a later date - until then though, you should be fine just driving the RTS pin low for BLE.

Do you use any other peripherals aside from uart? The other notable changes - subject to change until release, obviously:

  • There’s no USB host on impC002
  • i2cKL does not exist (but you can bit-bang it)
  • pinM, pinS, pinT are not IRQ-capable (these three IRQs moved to pinXC, pinR & pinYD). The other IRQ pins are the same.
  • DACs on pinU & pinYS have moved to pinYH & pinYU
  • There are extra ADCs on pinC, pinYH & pinW
  • One extra PWM on pinU
  • One extra UART on pinYMN

we use i2cKL for sensors and ext adc and so we can change this to JH lines.
Will this affect your dev kit with IMPC002 installed as i2cKL lines are used throughout ?

Are pins YR, YU still ok for the DFSM channel on impc002 ?

The impC001 devkit will work with the C002 but obviously there are things which won’t - eg USB host, the I2C would need to bit bit-banged, etc.

Yes YR/YU are still connected to the DFSDM peripheral, but again no schedule as to when this might be enabled.