IMPC001 pcb standofffs

I want to use space under IMPCOO1 module for pcb parts - small parts say less than 2mm high.
You mention on datasheet that this may be possible with higher standoffs or perhaps higher IMP connector.
Do you have any suitable part numbers here or ideas to achieve this ?

Paging @DillonImp and/or @akmandala who know these PNs :slight_smile:

I’m using these 1/8" standoffs to raise the PCB in a housing to provide clearance for bulky mini-B USB cables

Also the PCB holes suit 2.5mm screws. I’m using the standoffs in conjunction with Phillips pan head, Zinc plated class 4.8 steel, 2.5mm x 0.45mm x 8mm, which are item #17858 at

Hi, the JAE imp connector for IMPC001 only have one stacked vertical height on pcb and so I cannot see how you can get any extra height over mother pcb than at present.
On the dev board, we are down to say 1mm space or so under the imp module.
I am trying to increase this space and I do not understand how your standoffs do this ?

So, this is the one we use in our test fixtures (as they have pogo pins under them) - this leaves >3mm under the module: NASE0-S6701-TS64

AllLink M2 connector NXSE0-S67XX-XX64X_CA (2016-07-13).pdf (348.2 KB)

@akmandala knows the PN for the right standoff; I think All-link also sell this. They can send you samples, I believe.

great … thanks !

Please find the AllLink standoff (2.45mm - 4.85mm).

ST6N-M30-245.485.pdf (171.5 KB)

And if you specifically need ~5mm space, this will do as well:

But please check the dimension, as although they have both M3 screw hole, the overall dimension is slightly different.

@akmandala @DillonImp On the ImpC001 Dev Kit, the module attaches at the top with a screw into a stud that is affixed to a large through hole. What is the part number for the stud and the screw?

The mounting post and the screw we use are from All Link Electronics Corp of Taipei.

mounting post ST6N-M30-245
m3 screw SC3N-M30-25N

The screw has a fairly large diameter head for an m3 screw which makes for a good clamp on the module.

You can purchase small volumes of the m.2 connector, mounting post and screws from our store and the below link