impC001 disconnected; cannot reconnect


Today my impC001, which has been running for several months, disconnected:
2018-11-21 16:32:24 -05:00 [Status] Device disconnected
and is unable to reconnect. When I cycle the power, the dev board LED flashes red, one long followed by two shorts.

I ran blinkup again, and it succeeded (flashed green for 3 seconds), but then went back to the red pattern. According to the information at
a failure to connect to the cell network should be indicated by one long red flash followed by three shorts, not the two that I observe. Does anybody know
a) what this pattern signifies
b) if there are any known issues with cellular connections in northeastern N. America?



Follow-up: for reasons unknown, the device has now connected again…


Thanks for reporting this. If you provide us with your imp’s ID or MAC address we can take a look at its logs to find out more about its connection history.


Thanks for looking into this. The MAC address is


We have an open ticket with our provider regarding this; we saw an internal test device be affected in the same way (though it came back on its own), though other test devices were not affected.


Does anybody know […] what this pattern signifies?

Please note we’ll be updating our documentation on impC001 LED behaviour shortly.

On impC001, long red followed by two short reds indicates the imp is attempting to register to a cellular network. On WiFi imps, it indicates it is searching for a WiFi network.


b) if there are any known issues with cellular connections in northeastern N. America?

Yes - our cellular service provider reported some issues over the same period that you were having connection problems. These are now resolved, but we’ve raised a ticket with them to follow up and are seeking better visibility in the event that this reoccurs.


The service provider has now confirmed they had a problem, and are working on both (a) improved monitoring, so they will detect a re-occurrence (b) automated recovery of the affected service component, to prevent device disconnections.